Uber Brand Advertising

Brand Advertising Audio

We mix adverts for some of the biggest brands worldwide, with outputs ranging from TV and Radio to Spotify and Mobile.
AC DC New Album Advertising
Music Advertising Audio
We use our expertise for creative music edits within adverts, getting the best of a song into an advert duration.
The Jungle Book Audiobook
Audiobook and Podcast
We edit, mix and sound-design for Audiobooks and Podcasts, creating an immersive experience for the listener.
Giggs Now or Never Clean Radio Edit
Radio and DJ Edits
We offer editing for all needs, whether that's Radio Edits, DJ-ready edits or just piecing together your favourite songs.
Professor Green Vocal Noise Reduction
Noise Reduction and Enhancement
We offer noise reduction and audio cleaning services to enhance audio recordings for all outputs.
Vinyl Transfer Services
Vinyl and Tape Transfer
We transfer audio from Vinyl and Tape, with restoration and enhancement services available to create the finest digital experience.
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