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Our fresh approach to Mastering is spreading fast.

Big Tune Club was launched by experienced mastering engineers with the intention of creating a professional mastering environment with better results and less hidden costs. We're already working with both major and independent labels, approved by Apple and EngineEars, and have regular independent artists who trust us with their music.




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Analogue Equipment
Multiple Formats Included Free
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Optional Extras

ISRC Encoding
DDPi (additional £50 per DDPi)
Apple Digital Master (additional £15 per track)

Additional Services

Apple Digital Masters

We are approved to deliver Apple Digital Masters - specifically tailored audio designed for Apple's encoders to ensure the best possible sound across their platform.

Highest-Resolution Audio for streaming on Apple Music
Apple Digital Master badge on release

Stem Mastering

A more detailed service that allows us to work with the song stems, such as Drums, Bass, Keys and Vocals, adjusting individual dynamics, EQs and spaces while mastering.

A more in-depth approach to mastering
Adjustable price - less stems, less cost
Instrumental, PA and edits included

Enhancement and Restoration

We're experienced in enhancing and restoring problematic audio. We can reduce noise on historic recordings or clean up unwanted noises in recorded audio.

Noise Reduction
Click, crackle and plosive removal
Stereo Enhancement
Volume and EQ Adjustment

DJ and Compilation Mastering

Our DJ and Compilation Mastering creates a consistent and cohesive sound throughout the project. We've been used for Chart-Topping Compilation Albums and DJ's Essential Mixes.

DJ Mixing and Mastering services
Compilation Mastering
Creative Solutions for Catalogue

Our Work

Sleepwalkrs - Supersonic - Extended - Mastered at Big Tune Club
Eton Messy 10 Year Compilation - Mastered at Big Tune Club
Now That's What I Call Music 107
Cortese x Emma Canoon - Girs Like You
Rosehip - Lanterns - Mastered at Big Tune Club
Lagoon Wavey - Junipee
Lofi Lizard x Chill Seeker - Concrete Dreams - Mastered at Big Tune Club
Rayn - U & I
Self Tape x Naomi Banks - High
Karma Kid x Luke Fono - Bossa EP - Mastered at Big Tune Club
Alf Whitby - A Sedentary Life EP - Mastered at Big Tune Club
70s Rock Down Compilation
FelixThe1st - Block & Delete


What is the ordering process?

Contact us through our website or by emailing to arrange your mastering. Once payment has been made, we’ll supply you with a link to upload your pre-masters. We’ll check the audio and notify you that all is ok to continue before getting your music mastered and back to you within 4 working days.

What specifications should I make my premasters?

Pre-masters should be 24 Bit and at the native sample rate of your project, however we are able to work with lower Bit depths and/or other audio formats if required.

Your pre-masters should contain no clipping or peak limiting if possible. If processing has been applied on the master bus for gain then it should be removed prior to your final renders. If compression or EQ has been applied during the writing/mixing stage and is integral to the mix then leave it on, but if in doubt feel free to send 2 versions: one with bus processing and one without.

Please label files correctly specifying the artist, track and mix name.

Can I send you my own master and/or reference tracks?

Of course! We encourage you to send your own version as well as any reference tracks so that we have a full understanding of the sound you are looking for.

What is your turnaround time?

We aim to get your tracks mastered and back to you within 4 working days. Fast-track services are available if needed – just let us know in your email.

Can I come to the studio while you master my track?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accommodate attended mastering sessions. Reducing the client space we require means more equipment to make your music better.

How should I send you my track?

You can send us your files by WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive and most other file transfer websites, or request our File Upload link to send directly.

How will I receive my masters?

Your masters will be sent digitally on a download link, however we can arrange physical copies too.

What equipment do you use?

We use a hybrid system containing equipment from the likes of SSL, Rupert Neve, Shadow Hills and Manley.

What is the maximum length of DDPi files?

The maximum length of audio on DDPi’s is 79 Minutes.

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